How to Use Suspended Chords

How to Use Suspended Chords

In this video we will look how to use suspended chords in different keys and positions.

Suspended chords are mainly used to substitute minor or major chords, providing more interesting tones. Known as ‘sus’ chords for short, they can be particularly effective in adding a melodic structure to a chord progression.

Suspended chord shapes on the guitar can come in many different shapes and sizes. The most basic are ‘sus2’ or ‘sus4’, which replace the major or minor third note in the chord (if you are aware of the construction of guitar scales, this will be easier to understand) but other shapes, such as ‘sus7’ or ‘sus9’, you may have come across before – and we’re going to look at some of these here.

Once you learn how suspended chords work you will soon see how widely used they are – many great guitar riffs and melodies have been built on substituting with sus guitar chords.

How to Use Suspended Chords:

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