Intro to Fingerstyle Guitar

Intro to Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle guitar can look quite complicated to newcomers, but it is mainly about following patterns. Coordination and patience are the two keys to getting a good technique.

There are plenty of myths concerning the ‘right approach’ for fingerstyle guitar, and some guitar lessons will say you will need long nails in order to pluck the strings properly. But this is not the case; many players will incorporate different styles that will require shorter nails on the picking hand, And if you think of all the different finger-picking styles out there – folk, blues, flamenco, jazz to name a few – you will see it is more important to develop a style that suits the music you want to play.

Intro to Fingerstyle Guitar:

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Linda Reply

Can you tell me the chord progression you are doing at the very beginning? It sounds awesome and I am just starting to learn guitar. Thanks, Linda

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