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Guitar Improvising Lesson #2 – The Riffs

This is a guitar lesson on improvising that teaches you how to create riffs from scales.

The scale used in this lesson is the B pentatonic minor scale. This lesson has picked a couple skeletal riffs that are very universal while using this scale. A riff is a group of notes composed out of a certain scale. One of the riffs shown here will use a string bend, and the other one won’t. The basic riffs will be show, then these riffs will be put together.

The first section is basically the scale being played in the lower octave.

The second section is played in the upper octave, and involves a stretch.

Both these outlines will now be used in multiple different ways, by just changing the timing of the notes, and the intervals between the notes might slightly change. It’s always best to start slow, and then speed things up.

The idea is that none of these notes are wrong, and you play it the way you hear it. It’s really important to realize that the notes in this scale and the riffs come directly out of the scale. There are no modifications, or additions to the scale.

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