Guitar Notes For Beginners

Guitar Notes For Beginners

This lesson on guitar notes for beginners will help you understand how to find notes on your guitar.

The first thing to understand is what the open notes on your guitar are. The strings, from lowest (in tone that is, actually the closest to your face) to highest, the notes are E A D G B E.

The next thing to understand is that every fret increases the pitch of the note you’re playing by one semitone, or a half step. So on the E string, if you move up one fret, you get F, and if you move up two frets, F#, three frets, G, etc.

Knowing this stuff is crucial to being able to move around the fretboard down the road, so it is well worth taking a few minutes and going through this video, and practicing some of it on your guitar. This guitar lesson rightfully comes before learning your first guitar scales, because tones and semitones govern the spacing in between the notes on your scales.

It also helps a lot for learning your guitar chords, because you need to know where and what the root notes for your chords are, and this is the way you find out.

Guitar Notes For Beginners

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jamie donohoe Reply

ty collins i am a beginner and im learning alot from ya this all has been very helpful again ty

Jcrajeevan Reply

fantastic lesson this and i think this lessons are import-en only for any guitar players and guitar students. so thank u so much sir. we well come ur good service .

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