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The Most Widely Used Bar Chords

As part of our “Riff Ninja Answers” series, one of the questions that came up had to do with which bar chords were the most widely used. That turned into a perfect springboard for a little bar chord lesson, which is what we’ve got right here.

We’ll start with the 6th string, looking at the E major and E minor shapes. When you’re using bar chords, it is very important to know where your root note is – both on the fretboard, and in the chord shape you’re using. With just these two shapes you can literally play every single major and minor chord in every key!

Then we’ll move to the 5th string, and look at major and minor shapes coming from that string too. These ones are based off the open A major and A minor shapes that you’re probably familiar with. Again, using just these two shapes, barred, you can play every major and minor chord.

Once you combine the options available to you on the 6th and 5th strings, all of a sudden the whole fretboard starts opening up!

If you have a hard time with these bar chords, you might like another lesson I did, where we cover common stumbling blocks to playing bar chords.

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Ronnie Reply

Am looking for a wide neck electric guitar ,, as I play classical style guitar,
Can you recommend any guitar?

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Ronnie, nothing in particular jumps to mind but I’d recommend asking the question at your local music store, and see what they have available. When it comes time, this may prove helpful:

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