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Spice Up Your Solos With Thirds!

Using intervals in your solos is a terrific way to add more melody and character. They can be applied in so many different ways, and of course, there are many different intervals to consider too.

Today we’re looking at thirds, specifically. Even more specifically, we’re looking at thirds that can be produced using the 2nd and 3rd strings on your guitar. We’re in the key of F# minor / A major.

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Let’s dig in!

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Darren Reply

Colin teaches major and minor thirds theory very effectively, and to simply apply it in a chord progression, he also has good theory in the area of chord construction, which is a necessity, which is printable and explained with his courses. Yes he can be a little old fashioned / traditional with his method he sets out, but sometimes you need this if you are struggling in understanding what you need to know, so you can build upon your theory knowledge in the music area you like / prefer. If you like the demo solo he shows you here, you may like other theory / courses he has available.

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