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How To Stand Up And Play Guitar

If you want to stand up and play guitar, it's a bit different than when you're sitting down. In this guitar lesson, we'll cover some important things that aren't talked about a whole lot, but that can really help your playing, as well as your comfort and endurance while you're playing. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that your guitar should be close to your body, in a position that allows easy comfortable access to what you need to do. Some guys like to play their guitars really really low, and while they may think this looks cool, the reality is, it can lead to wrist and tendon problems because your body has to compensate a lot. So, worry about comfort first, then look second. 

If any part of your body is feeling strained while you're standing up and playing, that's a good indicator you may need to re-assess your standing position.

Standing up and playing guitar can feel quite different than sitting down and playing guitar, so it is a good idea to practice both. The last thing you want is to practice only while sitting down, then one day be called on to do a performance while standing, and discover that everything feels different!

One thing that is different is your visibility of the fretboard tends to be a bit better when you're sitting down, probably because it's easier to hunch over the guitar a bit. All the more reason to practice playing guitar while standing up too!

If you're a beginner, or you've played guitar for a while but found yourself stuck, I recommend checking out my course, Electric Guitar For Beginners. It's loads of fun, and we'll get you rockin' right off the bat, making music while learning step by step. 

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