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Why Your Guitar Needs Strap Locks

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This is a discussion about an investment in something that is really important. When people go out and buy a bright new shiny guitar, they usually spend a good amount of money on it.

So many guitars have been damaged severely, some unrepairable, due to being dropped. A very good investment would be in strap locks.

Sometimes the straps that hold your guitar on you when you are standing will snap, causing the guitar to fall and break. This can be avoided by a less than $20 purchase of strap locks.

A strap lock replaces the stock strap button on your strap. Now, RiffNinja does not have a sponsorship with Schaller, but from years of experience, this has become the most trusted brand for him.

Once a strap lock is installed properly, it will never come off unless you want it to. Schaller strap locks are spring loaded, so when you let the pin go, it locks the strap on. Make sure that the strap pin is securely on the guitar. Also invest in a really good guitar strap. When you’re installing the strap lock onto the strap, make sure you put it on the right way up so the pin is sitting in the cup with all the weight of the guitar on it.

Check the strap once the lock is installed to, because fabrics shift, and you don’t want the lock to slip out of the strap.

If you can’t get the Schaller, the next best one is the Grover. Don’t buy the copies – buy the brand name!

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