Guitar Boogie Riff

Guitar Boogie Riff

The boogie riff  – also known as the shuffle riff – is a very popular and versatile move to add to your repertoire. And what’s more is that its pretty easy to play, as it only requires moving fingers across two notes. The boogie riff is mainly associated with blues, but it can be incorporated and adapted to all sorts of styles.

A good place to start with the boogie riff is with the low E string, as it will be played open, but you can also pick it up from the open A and D strings with the same shape, as well as move it up and down the fretboard.

Guitar Boogie Riff:

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Jesse James Reply

Excellent lesson. This is explained really well and I need all the help I can get. Must practice now.

Les Jacko Reply

Hi Colin , you are one cool dude , must be some good mind bending stuff as good as string bending or it makes string bending easier to handle , great teaching on your part , you do really explain things in such a good manner , so thankyou Colin , & I’m sure you’ll stay cool man , or I certainly hope so .
Thanks from down under .
Jacko .

Douglas Reply

Nice simple riff fun to play.

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