Cool Country & Blues Riffs (Acoustic Guitar)

Cool Country & Blues Riffs (Acoustic Guitar)

Here’s a lesson with some cool blues riffs that also work well in country music.

This guitar riff works off the E pentatonic minor scale, and is played over an E7 chord. There is a variation in there, which Colin explains in the lesson.

This blues riff can be moved around – in the lesson you’ll see how to move it to the A and the B position, although you can easily use it in other keys as well.

The trick with learning these riffs, or any other guitar riffs is to practice until you’ve got it, then figure out how to move it to other keys, and then start throwing it in with other songs you’re playing until it really truly sticks in your repertoire and becomes one of your own.

Country & Blues Riffs

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Glo Reply

Great!! Tabs please???

Mirza Reply

Wonderfull Maestro Nindja!

James (Mike) Vivas Reply

Colin, love your lessons. Keep up the good work.The shirt is kewel!
Would you have time or inclination to prvide the score for the contry blues riffs and others you give us?
precate it.

Bud Reply

Colin (aka) “RiffNinja”, Love the shirt and the special riff. IMHO these folks who need tab are not paying attention to your very good tutorials. IMHO Glo and Mr. Vivas could write their own tab if they would just pay attention. I’m not the sharpest tack in the box and your videos are very clear and concise to me. Tabs schmabs just keep giving us cool stuff and let the slackers work a little bit. No offense, I’m just sayin’. Put the gitar in yo hans an figger it out. Love ya’s

Blackninja14755 Reply

hey colin this is john.thanks for the understanding of playing some country blues.would like to see more videos.would like to see more videos to play more country&blues riff licks hope you make more. 

RON Reply


ralph b Reply

when I click on the lessons tabs after I click on the email the lesson say s ontinue reaing when I click on that no lesson comes up it just keeps going back and forth tothe beginning phrase and continue reading I have boug our soloing course please email me and let me know how I can access these lessons that everyone else is able to get email me at

Rex Starling Reply

Colin, none of these riffs you are sending will open and play at all . Can you tell me why please????/Rex

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Rex, the videos are also available on Youtube directly, if you click on the link within the post that goes there… If they are not showing up for you, I suspect it has something to do with your internet browser or the settings. You might try another browser (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc) and see if that makes a difference.

Alan Reply

Great licks, sir. I’m definitely going to practice a few of those today. Thanks a lot!

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