Acoustic Blues: Stealing Riffs From Stevie

Acoustic Blues: Stealing Riffs From Stevie

Stevie Ray Vaughn played mostly electric, but let’s not forget that he stilled played some killer acoustic blues guitar.

In this guitar lesson you’ll learn some acoustic guitar riffs that were inspired by some of Stevie’s acoustic blues sets. These blues licks are in Eb, and they’re all pentatonic minor riffs.

Note that Colin’s guitar is tuned to Eb – basically you lower every string by one semitone (half step).

There are many different directions you can take acoustic blues guitar, but probably the majority of that style of playing comes off open chords and open keys, just because they sound so great on the acoustic.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Riffs:

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Ken Reply

Hey Colin, personaly I discovered Stevie a year after his tragic death, but a guy I know saw him “Live” here in Melbourne Australia. Once I listened to him, I could not get enough. Man he was one of the greatest blues axe men of all time.
I thank you ever so much for putting this short video together. If I could only learn a snippet of the “SRV” style that would be something out of this world.
Love your smooth action and your interpretation of Stevie’s style, keep it comming and keep it cool.


Quentin Mahar Reply

I would like to thank you for all you free lessons that you give. I have been playing for a few years and you have definitely broke me free with learning the scales. I wish I could get more but unfortunately being a disabled veteran I can not afford to be a paid member.

Izzya80903 Reply

Daniel thanks, that was pretty cool, and to the point.

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