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Songwriting Tips & Strategies

Many guitar players aspire to become songwriters – even if only for themselves or a few friends, but few every crack the songwriting code to discover the joy of expressing themselves through their own music.

Songwriting doesn’t have to be hard, though it can be. It’s a lot easier when you have a few tips and strategies up your sleeve though, because it gives you a starting point.

For the most part, the content you’ll see here will focus on one aspect of songwriting – the chord progression. That’s really the backbone of the music, and in some ways, the hardest part to figure out as well. We won’t be touching lyrics, and of course there’s still melody and rhythm and all that fun stuff.

Here’s a solid word of advice – the more you can learn about your guitar – in any area – the easier time you’re going to have being creative with it. That applies to strumming, picking, riffing, soloing, and all other playing techniques, but it most especially applies to learning music theory. So many guitarists have struggled to write songs because their strategy was simply shooting in the dark – trying different chords until one sounded good. Music theory takes a huge spotlight and shines it on the issue, highlighting GOOD SOUNDING options that you can start with.

With that in mind, in the list below you will find a bunch of lessons on songwriting, we hope you find them useful… and we hope they lead to new, fresh musical creations!