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Learn To Play The Guitar… the FUN Way!

Would you like to learn, or improve your guitar playing… while having so much fun you can’t bear to put down your guitar?

One of the most valuable tips for learning guitar that I can share with you right off the bat is simply to keep learning something all the time. If you do that, no matter if you’re a slow learner or a fast one, in a few weeks time, you’ll be further along than you are today, guaranteed!

To help you learn something every week, we’ve created a very popular series of guitar lessons – all completely free. You’ll get roughly one per week, delivered straight to your inbox.

We’ll be covering topics like these:

  • How to play chords, and how to link them together into sweet sounding progressions!
  • Practical music theory that really explains how your guitar works… in a way that even a young child can understand it!
  • How you can play all over the fretboard using just a few simple scale patterns
  • How to improvise a guitar solo
  • New riffs and licks to spice up your solos and rhythm
  • Different styles: from finger-picking to blues to country to metal… and MUCH MORE!

To sign up for our totally free weekly guitar lessons, simply enter your name & email in the form below, and we’ll send over your very first lesson!