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Vote For Our T-Shirt Slogan

We’ve had a few requests for Riff Ninja “swag” like t-shirts and other cool things that members can wear. Well, we’re just about ready to take our first plunge into that, and we thought the coolest way to do that would be to get YOU involved in choosing the design!

So, we’ve come up with a list of possible slogans to put on our t-shirt, and we’d love it if you’d take a second to vote for your favorite. Alternatively, perhaps you have your own slogan that you think would be cool on the shirt – if so, tell us in the comment section. If your slogan gets chosen as the winner, we’ll hook you up with a free t-shirt!

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Brent Reply

Colin is motivating me to kick Uncle Bob in the butt! I am psyched!!!

Dave` Reply

Play it till it smokes, If your fingers don’t hurt You ain’t there yet

    Richard Reply

    I really like Dave’s

Donnywhitfield Reply

“My slogan too “is , “you will enjoy life more with music.”

    David crane Reply

    How about having no slogan and just have that awesome riff ninja logo either on the back or front. I like long sleeve black tshirts btw

      IR Reply

      I second this. Just the riff ninja guy.

Robert McAvoy Reply

If You ain’t Playing Lead Keep Practicing…., Learn How to make Music, Anyone can make Noise…, Scales Scales Scales the ROOT of all Schreaders

Richard Palmer Reply

How about “I’m earning a Black Belt in guitar at Riff Ninja Academy” as a slogan

Ralph Reply

Here’s one……….. “You don’t need weed to enjoy playing guitar (but it doesn’t hurt)”

Arthur Dent Reply

I suggest the following (with the Riff Ninja Logo):

“Riff Ninja Guitar — Get On It!”

Brother Reply

1-4-5 & 6-2-3 !!!! We’re not talking baseball here.

    Ralph Reply

    MY favorite thus far

Grant Hancock Reply


Gary Reply

Why not “Life’s Short. So Play your Guitar Naked”

Ray Reply

Slogan: if this isn’t connecting, back to the beginning boys and girls

David crane Reply

How about “bottom of the page people!”

Mark Reply

I am with Dave.
Logo on one side and I would suggest the ‘be the musician you want to be’ on the other

JoAnn Clark Reply

I come with strings attached—-to my guitar.

Kerwin Reply

On the front of the t-shirt with the logo… MUSIC… on the back with the logo… POURS OUT OF MY SOUL…

Ozzy Reply

”…when your riffing needs a little kick “

daniel Reply

How about ‘Riff Ninja teaches how to use your AX’. For those who don’t know a ax is a guitar.

jan Reply

i like that. also play guitar like a ninja now

Glyn Calow Reply

I’m a Ninja string plucker

Billy Reply

Collin here’s a slogan you might like: Ninja’s Don’t Quit…They just practice HARDER and take names!

Bmoore Reply

“6 strings and a handful of frets,”
How hard can it be?
Riff Ninja Knows

Dan Mauricio Reply

Play your axe everyday and let
your fingers riff ninja, it’s the only way…

William Reply

Collin how about this slogan…Stand Up and be Counted!!! Riff Ninja’s Jam!

Greg Page Reply

Riff Ninja: The Art of Guitar

    Tony Boucher Reply

    Riff Ninja: The Art of Guitar, I like this one a lot. Straight forward and to the point.

Johnny Reply

Riff Ninja logo on the back of a black heavy weight T-shirt and above or below the logo “Lord of the Strings”

mark Reply

love thy guitar like a ninja

mark Reply

take me fishing shucks just take me

mark Reply

i love to party so lets have fun

Bmoore Reply

Or how about this one….
“Play it like you Stole it!”

mark Reply

wanna be bad play me wanna be good strum me

Rick Reply

Fret them till they bleed….

Adam Reply

“Those who can, PLAY”

Greg Reply

I only get strung out on my guitar!

Matthias Reply

Guitars come with strings attached.

Kailash Pant Reply

My world revolves around
Rock it on

Rich P. Reply

“Remain Calm…Blaze a Scale” my T-Shirt slogan idea….

Charles Reply

My guitar is HOT

Don Tittle Reply

It don’t get any better than Lyrics, chords, & Riffs!!

Scott Bradley Reply

Have Guitar Will Solo.

Gilles Reply

For serious guitar lover is my slogan

Rick Morris Reply

How about….”Scales to the Ultimate Challenge”

Garry Reply

If I said you had a beautiful guitar would you hold it against me?

MIKE Reply

How about…. AW SAW ! BEST FOR PLAY ! Or maybe “Makes you a Ninja Star”

Neil Snow Reply

It is Ninja Riff, Grass Hopper

Kirkland Jeff Reply

How about one of these:

“Life is short… don’t stop playin'”

“Riff Ninja Academy… where the journey begins”

“Gateway to the next level”

Len Reply

How about “So many guitars, so little time”
“Learn to Burn, with Riff Ninja”

giles Reply


Danny Carman Reply

Riff Ninjas kick it with guitar licks

Mike Goulding Reply

“Listen out ….Riff Ninja Guitar Geek!”

Bill Morris Reply

Don’t Fret, We Ain’t Shreddin’ Yet !!

Marc Angelo Reply

“is it cool in here or is that me?”

Doug Reply


    Paul Reply

    I second that one!

Mike Reply

It’s not about how fast you can play a lick or shred a solo,
it’s about the soul that comes from within that makes the music.

mark Reply

the neck in one hand the pick in the other now lick me shred me till i ,,,,,,

Mike M Reply

Shred Till Your Dead !!!!!!!

Steve Neilson Reply

Your logo on front. It’s awesome. Back ! Who cares you don’t see a lead guitarists back. Or simply , learn from the best or play like the rest. ( Colin your awesome mate ) Thankyou for the help.

Roger Reply

My logo would be “sex strings and I IV V”

David G Hope Reply

How lucky I am to be able to play guitar… (logo)
Funny tho, the harder I practice the luckier I get! (logo)

David G Hope Reply

Guitar players do it with rhythm… (logo)

amrit bosnet Reply

breathe music

Bill Lingelbaugh Reply

Don’t you wish you could play guitar?

Riff Ninja in training.

Paul Reply

how about simply “Howdy!”

Gerson L Lage Reply

My sugestion would be: “A guitar talk the god’s language!”

Winkie Mintz Reply

String it up
Strap it on
Let the playing begin

John Kindig Reply

Be your guitar!! Think RIFF NINJA!!

Ed Reply

RIFFIN’ It’s not just what it does for our head. It’s what it does for your soul!

sudheer Reply

A riff of your own is sweeter than every super riff you can rip

Strumz Reply

Riff Ninja Academy -- Official Grasshopper Guitar Training 🙂

Strumz Reply

All good slogans on this thread.
I think a slogan should not be limited to just one. (My opinion. This is the day and age of multi flavors, Neapolitan, sweet & sour, breakfast for dinner . . .)
The topic is ‘Riff Ninja Academy’ the rest is a multiple list of topics.
How about trying several of the above slogans until they are all used 🙂
Let’s get the message out and the point across in any key that we can!
Oh Yeah!

    Jonathan Reply

    Hey Strumz, yeah, I’m beginning to get the picture -- there have been a ton of GREAT ideas suggested here, and ultimately I’d like to run with several of them… it’s just a logistics issue at the moment.

Ed Reply

I should have added a y above. It should read.
RIFFIN’ It’s not just what i does for your head. It’s what it does for your soul!

iinsydney Reply

‘Life’s Plucking good’ or ‘Life’s no Plucking good without riff ninja’

Terri larson Reply

Go with the flow of ninjas riff, as the picks and finger nails go on.

Charles Reply

The more you fret the better you get

William Reply

Around the outside of your ninja logo in a circle.
(suggesting anything can be accomplished with knowledge)

William Reply

Hey Colin:
I posted a lengthy comment in the Academy’s
Advanced Triad Integration into Solos, didn’t know if it would be seen there
for awhile so just a heads up.
Thanks, William

Anonymous Reply

Do something more with your fingers besides your nose.
Pick guitar.

Bill Reply

Two suggestions -- both, of course, with the cool Riff Ninja logo…
” Get off your axe and play”
” Does this shirt make my axe look big”

C. Stewart Reply

“How hard can it be? It’s only 3 chords”

I’m looking for a shirt that says that.

S. Spencer Reply

How about something real simple but catchy like the riff ninja logo and under it ” Kicks Ax!”

S. Spencer Reply

Or “Kick AX With” above riff ninja logo and under it. I would definitely wear that shirt. Great advertising.

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