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The Pentatonic Scale – A Minor

When it comes to guitar scales, there are none more popular than the pentatonic scale. In this video we are going to look at the A pentatonic minor, starting at the 5th fret of the low E string. This scale will be the easiest to play for beginners and it will be worth playing over and over again until you know it inside out!

There are so many classic guitar licks and melodies based on this pentatonic scale and, once you get the shape down, plenty of your favorite riffs will be easier to play.

And why have we chosen the A minor pentatonic scale? Well this positioning, and the fingering we are going to use, can be moved up or the down the fretboard, so we can play the exact same guitar scale but in a different key – the distance between the frets will always be the same. So if you want to play a riff or solo for a song that’s not in the key of A, just slide those fingers to the right fret.

One quick reminder – up down picking is really important when you’re practicing scales. Up down, or alternate picking, will really help you build the coordination for increased speed down the road.

The Pentatonic Scale – A Minor:

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Mcagle Reply

great ,colin i got great ah-ha moment from it thanks

Mike B Reply

NIce video, just checking ninja out but I have to say again as a beginner. I really dont like when you are learning something simple and the ‘tutor’ dissapears off into guitar diarrhoea….I appreciate you can play and play well but very demoralising for a new guy trying to learn scales and the basics…..I do appreciate you are very good though and maybe one day!!!!!!!

john Reply

this really me, thankyou. but why not mention the relevance if any of some of the other shapes in this scale. are you saying that just this one shape is all you need .
john b
new zealand.

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi John, the video is aimed at beginners, and for beginners, we’d say that no, you actually don’t need any additional patterns. It’s better to become really familiar actually using just one pattern than it is to be confused about how to use five different ones. As a player progresses, then of course, we can add more patterns.

    Hope that helps…

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