The Suspended Chord on Guitar

The Suspended Chord on Guitar

Why do we use the suspended chord on the guitar? Because they sound cool!

Okay, so apart from the obvious (!) let’s talk about the suspended chord a bit more. For starters, why is it called suspended? Suspended chords have no third in them – we’ve “suspended” the third and added a fourth, or sometimes another note instead.

Typically, guitar chords need a root note, or I, and major or minor third (III), and a fifth (V) in order to be considered a chord. You can have additional notes in chords as well, but those are the basic requirements for a chord. Suspended chords nuke the third, and replace it with another note, which makes them unique.

As such, you can use a suspended chord in place of either a major or minor chord.

In the short video below, Colin will explain some of this, and show you a few different versions of the suspended chord.

The Suspended Chord on Guitar:

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Mary Reply

Suspended chords are really helpful in accenting or adding in some cases a drone like effect to your chord pattern. Some people use it to accentuate whatever chord and others take it further and use it for the beginning of a ‘walk up’ or down pattern. Also a great fingerpicking addition. thanks for the post!

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