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Suggest A Guitar Lesson Idea

Is there a specific topic that you’d like for us to cover in a YouTube guitar lesson?

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myron phelps Reply

how about showing how to play hoochie coochie man eric claptons version

don Reply

how about arpeggio lessons

Dave A Wilson Jr Reply

Hi Out there , This is old man Dave wanting to learn guitar. At age 67 years old ,What did you say Too old to learn ? I hope not, I want to learn some Buddy Holly Tunes Like “Rave On”.and Peggy SUE.Thank You For your Time to Contribute.

Ed Reply


I am a beginning to intermediate player.
I have recently started helping a couple of friends
learn to play. Helping them has helped me learn a lot and to stay motivated .
How about some easy chord melody type songs and
some easy songs that can be done as duets.And the walking bass lines are great too.
I really enjoy your videos.

Sam Reply

Hi there riff ninja! I love this idea and i love what you are doing…. but.. i am 27 and have been playing various styles since i was 14 or 15. I used to know how to read music but cant now. I would consider myself an intermediate/advanced player. Could you give some lessons/advice to players who may be a little more advanced?? Maybe some songwriting tips -- eg when to change keys, using wierder less common chords and wild lead/rythm technique tips?? I am watching all your vids hoping there will be something in there besides all the stuff i already know… Mixing up beginner with some advanced lessons would be killer !!!!

Sam Reply

hi again.. just thought of something else.. how about some tips on TONE, matching guitars with amps and using different effects to good effect as well and good combinations of these -- i know its an individual taste thing… but some general guidelines could help… I think the amp/guitar/effects thing is just as much a part of guitar playing but often neglected 😉

jonathan doenges Reply

zak wild solos

mike Reply

How about a slowed down G-run lesson and moving it to other positions?



dillon Reply

i think you should do some lessons on pinch harmonics cuz ive been havein allot of trouble with getting them down, thanks

Paul @ Reply

Ear training would be nice. I consider it the most valuable skill every guitar player should have.

In fact HOW to TRAIN your ear for maximum benefits, because there are lots of approaches concerning ear training

Alan Reply

My request for a lesson is do do one for begginers on how to work the dials on a electric guitar and amp to achieve basic sounds.

I got to borrow a friends electric guitar… I’m a bit lost between the tone on my borrowed from a friend’s electrics dials and the amps gain, boost, and such.

Maybe you could also describe the sounds you can expect from humbuckers as opposed to single coils. The difference in sounds between the bridge and neck pickups.

people can experiement with all this but it would be great to understand directions on how to get a chuck berry chime sound of johnny b. good then how to go more muddy, then more metal.

Thanks, Alan

Stephen Reilly Reply

Do guitartist need to learn how to play in all the “FLAT” keys i.e. E- Flat A-Flat etc.? Seems like piano players like flats.

Clyde Reply

How about a lesson on Jazz?

Tony G. Reply

Hi Colin,
Total beginner here,, BUT, im wanting to learn RL Burnside style (i know), but the North Mississippi Hills Country Blues is where i`d like to start.
Can you possibly help me on a Poor Black Mattie lesson,, or a Rev. KM Williams Country Road Blues lesson, or Robert Belford.
I just got to learn that hypnotic repetitious style, atleast 1 song,,,, Thanks,,,, Tony

al Reply

How to remember notes oh the fretboard please?

    Jonathan Reply

    I recommend trying the free 3 day trial here, and then go through the Tones & Semitones lesson -- that will answer your question.

Jim Reply

How about Showing how to do Hammer ons, Pull offs, and Bends

    Jonathan Reply

    Hi Jim,

    We’ve got in-depth lessons on those topics inside the member’s area. There’s a free 3 day trial available here. Once you’re inside, look under the “Essential Guitar Techniques” section.

mark Reply

im trying to learm mandolin and iv watched your videos but could you make a video of hows the best way to stum a mandolin

beginer Reply

hi ninja you r so cool, a real ninja… I love your lessons, but I would like to see more explaining in numbers not in c or d or what ever.It’s like a second level of description at least for me.So point is more basic explaining of where some cool Harmony or riff lives in numbers like 1-4-5, then when you are on 4 u can go 4th of 4 or what ever….You show us.
And Thank You very much for videos.

Ian Richardson Reply

Hi Ninja..

I’d like some videos on blues turnarounds, maybe some classic ones everyone should know and some of your own perhaps! Getting a nice blues shuffle aint to hard for beginners but the turnarounds often pose a problem so it’d be handy.
Many Thanks for your efforts, I’ve picked up some good stuff from you.

Rob Reply

Hi Colin, I would like to see what Alan is asking for. dials on the guitar and amp settings.
Thanks you guys are great teachers!

Rodney Verser Reply

How to break a song down into its component parts, intros (riffs), verse, bridge, and chorus that involves maybe a favorite song.  Show some basic theory behind how a artist combines chords and riffs from the basic hook to the entire song.  ‘Della Brown’ from Queensryche’s ‘Empire’ album is only a suggestion.

Oscar (Le Bassiste) Reply

Hi Colin,

I like this song “Mary had a little lamb” , by Stevie Ray Vaughan of course,
and I am wondering if you could teach the riffs and rythm on the guitar for all of us who are watching you on the net!

Oscar (Le Bassiste)

Emily Reply

Hey Colin. 

I just started playing mandolin. I watched your lesons and learned how to do the G scale. I was wondering if you could teach the C scale. 


Mtpockitz Reply

I believe I could learn a lot from you Colin, I like your teaching style.
I am learning the Mandolin and would like to learn from you.
Thank You

Oscar Le Bassiste Reply

Hi colin,

Cannot get Jimi  out of my mind, which is ok, but how do I play this song of his:
Axxis: Bold as love. I heard him over and over, and John Mayer’s cover also.
How do they do it, I mean what do they play to make it sound like it does?
I thought, if anyone knows and can teach us it is you: The Riff Ninja!

Tim Reply

Hey Colin. I’d like to see some Blues in the style of “John Sykes”!!! of Thin Lizzy fame. He also has the best vibrato, and I’d just love to get his tone too. Maybe a video on getting really good tone with your guitar and amp setup without “New Equipment” so to speak. I’m looking for a new tube amp now and I’m going to get either a Jet City or a Peavey Tube amp.. Also, something on using effects and espeically multi effects vs pedals for us intermediate guys.

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