Ironman Guitar Riff (lesson)

Ironman Guitar Riff (lesson)

This is a legendary Black Sabbath guitar riff that beginners will find relatively easy. One straightforward approach for the Ironman guitar riff is to work off the scale position, which is B minor, but this is not the best way for it to be played. It will be more practical to use a combination of the B minor and B pentatonic minor scales.

What makes Ironman different from other guitar riffs is that it will be playing two notes, the first and fifth note – in a power chord shape – for each position. You can then pick up these shapes along one string.

Ironman Guitar Riff (lesson):

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Richard Reply

hey Bro i am back, Hi to M as wel. the foyes hooked up with a drumm saturday,wow brought back fond memories of Abby Rd! I like this riff ……cool Enjoy the 24th Bro !! Rock n Roll Richard

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