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Learn To Play Guitar Like A Riff Ninja!

Playing the guitar can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling skills a person can learn. Our students tell us stories of finally being able to jam freely at the end of the day, burning off stress from the workplace, of now being able to express themselves through music to family and friends, and taking their guitar and bass playing to new levels that they had never before even hoped to achieve!

At Last – The Guitar Makes SENSE!

The Riff Ninja method is all about helping you to fully understand how and why your guitar works, so you can use it to the best of your ability to create amazing music.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why does one chord work so well with a specific set of other chords?
  • How does strumming affect the song, and how do I strum anyways?
  • How can I play seamlessly all up and down the fretboard?
  • What scale should I use to solo in?
  • How can I make my playing sound like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, John Fogerty, or any other famous guitar player?
  • What is the Number System and how do I use it with my playing?

All these questions and many more are answered inside!

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Guitar Lessons For Players Of All Levels

The last time we took the time to count, we found over 50 HOURS worth of guitar and bass lessons tucked away in our member’s area! If you took guitar lessons for an hour per week, then practiced what you learned for the rest of the week, that’s an entire year’s worth of material to keep you improving!

But don’t be intimidated by the huge number, nearly all of our lessons are broken down into 20-30 minute segments focusing on specific aspects of your playing. There are also some series of lessons that do justice to the larger topics, while keeping things in manageable chunks for easy learning.

From straight up beginner to experienced soloist, we’ve got material in here that will challenge you all the way to the next level, and beyond! All of the lessons are categorized by skill level (from 1 to 5) making it easy to find a lesson appropriate for your current level.

If 50 hours worth of lessons isn’t quite enough to keep you busy (are you serious? :)), our commitment is to continue adding more great guitar and bass lessons to the member’s area each month.

Our Guitar Teachers

Colin Daniel is a guitar teacher and professional musician with over 40 years of experience. He has taught over 5000 students face-to-face over the years, including many that went on to professional careers of their own. Colin has played hundreds of gigs in all kinds of strange places over the years, and has the stories to prove it! Playing the guitar has been and still is his livelihood, and now his 40+ years of playing and teaching experience has been made available to you.

Early on in his career, Colin became frustrated with the inability of classical music theory to explain the things he saw happening in the guitar world. Subsequently, he dug even deeper into the theory, adapting and updating where necessary to the point where his method truly does explain everything that happens on the guitar. If you’ve ever been stumped by something on the guitar, Colin has the answer you’re looking for! Combined with his experience in teaching and playing, Colin’s method has been refined over many years to the point where it is now easily understood and applied by guitarists both young and old, fresh and advanced.

Jonathan Boettcher learned to play guitar from Colin, back in the mid 90’s. Via GuitarTipsWeekly.com and his Unlocking The Guitar lessons, Jonathan has helped thousands of guitar and bass players improve their skills.

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If you want a black belt in guitar playing, there’s no better place to get it!

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